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Soul Flight

Join us for a 3 hour Shamanic Immersion into the power of journeying with Ceremonial Cacao, Restorative Breath and Sacred Sounds.

Soul Flight is a transformational sound journey.

Multi instrumentalist Tim Morrison Live Loops Sacred sounds with an array of instruments and his voice to take you on a deep Shamanic sound journey. Lie back, relax and let the sounds take you on a deep journey inward.

The journey begins with a Cacao ceremony to open the door of our heart, allowing us to step through, discovering all of its mysteries, ready to embrace the space of openness and pure love. It gives us the opportunity to focus on intention, reverence and greater purpose.

It is followed by a gentle restorative breathwork that focuses on deepening relaxation, before we enter into a deep sound Immersion.

You can expect to hear multiple layers of Sacred instruments played with intention to create a meditative space that evokes deep transformation, personal healing and so much more.

Dinsdag 9 juli 2024 | 18.00 - 21.00 | €95,00

Soul Flight

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