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A deep journey inwards working with the power of our Breath to access altered states of consciousness.
This provides healing and integration of our nervous system, physical and emotional bodies and creates the space to remember who we truly are as whole beings.

As we breathe in a connected way, we come into our own rhythm, we access our bodies own innate healing power.

Our body remembers what our mind forgets.

Our body holds on to past memories, emotions and trauma. When we breathe deep and connected we give ourselves permission to release these suppressed energies from our body, we are able to let go and dissolve all that is no longer ours to hold any more.

And when we do so, we create spaciousness and freedom from within.

This is a personal healing journey.

Spiritus is a system where we use breath, sound and movement to release stuck, heavy energies from the body to create freedom and liberation within.

During the breathwork you will receive energetic healing and body work to allow the body to shift and move so that you may find harmony within.

Woensdag 10 juli 2024 | 18.00 - 21.00 | €95,00


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